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Victoria has been trying to read in bed before she goes to sleep but the dorms are just too noisy, so she has come to my office to ask if there is somewhere else she can read that’s quiet. As she waits outside she slips off her cute pajamas, white panties & white ankle socks, knowing that it will make me smile when I open the door.

Aurielee and Alaina


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Aurielee and Alaina

Aurielee and Alaina are some freaky ass horny step sisters. They were supposed to be studying doing boring ass shit but they’d rather have fun. They’d rather make out and get to know each other really well. The best way to get to know a step sibling is licking their pussy until they’re moaning for more and more!



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Want to see my Spiderman impression? It’s really good, honest! You will be amazed how high I can get! Well I guess it’s high enough for us ;)   Check out todays dork collection here.

Check Out My


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So you have your tits out and that’s all people are looking at right? So why point out your braces? Think they are more interesting that your rack? Trying for Nerd of the Day? Well, congratulations! You win and all your naked pics are now here!

Dork Pose


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I guess some people just have it…. and some people don’t! This one certainly has a serious dork look about her but not much else :D   Lucky nerdy shy girls are welcome here especially if they are posting titty pics! Check her out in this gallery.



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Braces just make any girl look dorky! Doesn’t matter if she is a little cutie like this one, as soon as she smiles that metal grin she looks like a total dork! Well luckily this dork gets naked and does all the things you want! Free stuff here.

Star Trek


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We all know what happens if you beam down in a red Star Trek uniform! Your fucked! Fortunately for this geek her fate isn’t as bad as the others but she does end up losing her outfit and has to go around naked! Maybe that’s what saved her. Check it out here.



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Here’s how to get a fisting from the man of steel! Just prop yourself upside down and spread your legs! Multiple orgasms and possible death to follow :D   Check out some slightly less dorky girls here.



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I’m sure whatever she is cutting up up will turn out to be quite artistic, maybe it’s some kind of therapy for being suck a geek! But either way we think that she should be making more tops like that! I feel a new fashion trend coming on just in time for spring! Get your geek titties here.



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Dork! dork dork dork! Glasses, iphone, dodgy pink pants and a serious nerd on look. Gotta be a winner in this geek line up.  Enjoy ;)