HD Gaming


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It’s not going to be long (hopefully) before graphics improve again in ganes and we can all be playing with seriously hot action babes! Kit her out with as much or as little as you like – that goes for clothes too!  MMOs will become seriously insane and I can see more people making love not warcraft :D

Virtual Vs Reality


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I know you are just waiting for the day when you can plug yourself in and hit the virtual world of your choice! Lets face it reality will never look this good. Rocket cars, crazy purple neon cities and hot scantily clad babes everywhere. Take Jessica here, she knows you want to see her naked and your will is her desire, before you know if she is stripping down to her fishnets and laying waiting for you. Plug yourself in here.

End Game


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This geek met her WoW boyfriend from the net for the first time and looks like she wasn’t prepared! Still theres no going back now so this little minx will just have to go all heroic and see if she can handle his huge pork sword! Im sure the outcome will be epic ;)   Check it for yourself here.

Pin-up Gamer


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As soon as you plug yourself in to the matrix Gibson-style I think the first thing you would meet is Ashley and I wouldn’t blame you if you ventured no further.  She is seriously hot and what a pair of tits on her. Virtual or not I could spend all day nuzzled between those puppies! If you want more of this busty redhead check out all the pics of her here.

Not a Meek Geek


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I just love a geek girl with guns! Especially when the clothes are kept to a minimum. So meet Aleister, not a geek to be fucked with…. well, you know what I mean ;)   Exclusive pics of this small titty gamer geek can be found here – did I mention she’s naked too? Watch out for the ones of her wielding two shotguns!

Fuck Pandarin


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Fantasy Geek Babe

So I hear they are adding some silly panda bears that do Kung Fu to the next patch of Warcraft. Who the hell wants that? I have the new playable character right here! Now who wants to roll a busty blonde babe with some epic items? :D My thong wearing godess will kick ur pandas ass while it’s still drooling on its own fur. Notice she come equiped with a colar so you can keep her secure with all your other toons.  Now I guess you want to head straight to the place where she gets naked, its right here.

Anime Geek


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Anime cosplay gamer geek

Now, did I promise you another hot gamer geek? Well here you go! Anime cos play babe with a gun and a great pair of tits lol! Seems she is in an ‘end of the world’ scenario, with not much time left I guess there are few options. Let me see…..  what would I do with her with a little time left on the planet?  It seems she doesn’t want to let go of that gun, guess she will have to keep any enemy at bay while you take care of any ‘nessesary’ work at the rear ;)   There is a nice gallery with 20 fantasy pics of here here. Enjoy.

VR Geek Gamer


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Geek Gamer Girl

OMG WTF srlsy!!!!!!111111  The hottest geeky gamer girl in Virtual Reality heaven!  Now if all gamers were like this I would be doing less blogging and more gaming. Who wouldn’t want to play with her? Admittedly she could be dangerous with those two guns, but think of the possibilities! Strip-Zombie-Headshot, Strip-Capture-The-Flag, Strip…  ok well you get the idea it just involves lots of stripping hot geeky gamer girls.  Fortunately for you someone has already stripped this one and you can find all of her naked delights right here.  Time for me to hunt down the next one :D

The Most Famous Geek?


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Aglaia wow

She has to be one of the most well known geeks of them all. It’s Aglaia! This hot little teen geek runs her own blog and website where she shares a hell of a lot of her own personal naked pics and runs a blog all about her and her gaming.  This pigtailed dork plays warcraft naked when she isn’t taking naked pics of herself and sharing them online.  Also if you check her blog you will find links to some movies she has made. Pretty cool geeky girl that loves to hear from her fans, she will accept you on facebook and msn.  Check her blog for info.

More Naked Gamer Girl


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sexy naked gamer home pics

Found a few more pics of the naked gamer girl on this gallery so had to share her again :D   Anyone know who this is?  Think I need to share a lot more of her in the future!