Woodland Walk


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Two geeks friends decide to go for a walk in the woods, learning all about the wildlife in their local area. Soon it seems they are the local wild life and are learning all about each other. Before you know it it’s a naked nature romp like these geeks never got in school!



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Still in her braces and plaits. it’s like some girls never grow up. Still, that’s good news for those of us that love a geeky girl, especially one that gets naked and plays with other girls! Check out some freebies here.

Pin-up Gamer


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As soon as you plug yourself in to the matrix Gibson-style I think the first thing you would meet is Ashley and I wouldn’t blame you if you ventured no further.  She is seriously hot and what a pair of tits on her. Virtual or not I could spend all day nuzzled between those puppies! If you want more of this busty redhead check out all the pics of her here.

Geeky Mommy


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geek mommy sucks cock

This have to be the first geek mommy I have ever seen! I hope it isnt the last.  This freaking hot redhead glasses wearing dork finally got bored of playing Hello Kitty Adventure and grew in to one freakin HOT geek! Readhead, glasses wearing, geek, sucking cock just about ticks every box, is there anything else you could wish for? Well ok apart from more of her…..

The BJ Geek is Back


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The Art of Blowjob

How could you not love Camille? :D   This uber geek makes the most amazing videos and runs one of the best sites (yeah Im a huge BJ fan – but who isnt?). Here’s a little something from her about her new movie.
Lately, I’ve been enjoying the occasional sunny weather. It still rains and gets a little chilly sometimes, but even on those days, I find myself drawn to bright colours and lots of flowers. Turquoise is so beautiful and it goes so well with my red hair, making me feel a bit like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz…… My vibrant little outfit (punctuated by a turquoise flower) started to make me feel kind of cute and girly, so I decided to make the most of it by giving a sweet little flirty blow job. My matching thong peeked out from the mirror behind me as I looked up lovingly, teasing at first but quickly developing with full, passionate momentum into an incredibly sensual blow job.

Sweet Redhead


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shy redhead girl

I think Im in love (again).  This has to be one of the sweetest little dorks I have seen in a long time. Such a beautiful body on her and the cutest little face, all shying away from the cam. I love dyed red hair and this has to be the best redhead dork of them all. She is on a gallery here with a load of other emos and geeks, but by far the best of the lot. Enjoy!

Glasses Geek Blowjob


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The Art of Blowjob

Camille has to be one of the favorite geeks out there! Here’s a girl who codes, has her own website and loves to suck cock!  What more could you possibly want? I think Im in love <3  Here’s a few words from Camille herself about her movie.

“Slowly and with expert skill, I started to lick his balls with his shaft buried in my throat. All of this special attention on him always makes him feel so good, so it was only natural that he began to thrust into me. Not wanting him to cum to quick, I started working his shaft with my hands while I licked and sucked on his balls. After changing sensations countless times, from stroking to teasing to deep throating and back again, I finally let him cum all over my hands, in my mouth and lapped up every little drop that remained. If you want a truly sensual blowjob, try lingerie.”  Check out all the movies on her website.