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So you have your tits out and that’s all people are looking at right? So why point out your braces? Think they are more interesting that your rack? Trying for Nerd of the Day? Well, congratulations! You win and all your naked pics are now here!

Dork Pose


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I guess some people just have it…. and some people don’t! This one certainly has a serious dork look about her but not much else :D   Lucky nerdy shy girls are welcome here especially if they are posting titty pics! Check her out in this gallery.



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I love some of these Emo chicks, sometimes they just dont quite seem to pull off the Emo look, but in this case thats perfect. The result is one hot little alt girl I would love to fuck for days on end.  This innocent little teen would soon be experiencing an alternative life that would be sure to leave its mark ;) Cher her and her Emo friends out here.

Sexy Nerd


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Dont you just love it when nerds go sexy! This divine little brunette sure has made the best of her nerdy looks. The biting of the lip, those big beautiful breasts hiding away all acompanied by her cute innocence make this girl the perfect little package. Now where are the naked pics? I hear you cry, more pics here.



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I have always been more of a super-villain myself and what better time to test out my all my cunning and evil deeds than on Supergirl herself. Once I hit her with the enslaving ray she will become my obedient slave doing my bidding! And what an evil and depraved bidding it will be! Of course I will let her keep the outfit on, there would be no point fucking supergirl without it. Check her out here while I go work on my kryptonite handcuffs and ballgag ;)

Geek Nurse


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sexy geek nurse

Normally a busty nurse is something from a mainstream porn movie – but not when it’s a geek in glasses! It becomes cos play, almost like a little anime sexy nurse (your just waiting for the tentacles to come and fuck her now arn’t you).  I think this girl should come packaged with every box set of Warcraft – oh noes! my character is dead again…. Call out the NURSE! Infact hot geeky chicks should all dress up as nurses and go round checking on their neighbours – just to make sure they are ok ;)   Check this girl out with some other self shots and nudes here.

No one knows


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self shot geek

Yep, thats right, apsolutely non of your close friends will be able to tell who you are. With a dork haircut like the human warcraft character and a had over your face no one know….. At least with a realy great pair of tits no one will even care. Infact maybe you should post more of your pics online and you might actually get some friends instead of sitting at home knitting with your mum :D   I found this fine geek on a gallery HERE – check her and her friends out!

Sexy self shot geek


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Drool! I guess it takes a geek to shoot such a quality image. Nice depth of field, good composition and of course great tits :D Pierced one too, maybe we have a kinky geek on our hands. Gottbe be the best kinda geek out there.  I hope she puts to smoking hot body to good use and doesnt just keep it to herself.  Think that key is to a box of kinky treasures she keeps locked away under her bed only be brought out when she decides to share her wild side? What I do know is I want to see more, if you hunt around here you might just get lucky!

Emo Geek Dork thing…..


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Bit of an identity crisis going on here with her Emo tats, geeky glasses and that bad blingy dorktastic phone!  Its a good job she is naked and taking pics of herself.  I wonder why they all have to hide in the bathroom to do it though? There is some strange universal energy pulling cute girls naked into the bathroom equiped with only their phones….. Or maybe its just one very popular bathroom with people queing up naked outside all wanting to take naked pics of themselves to share online :D

70s Geek Look-a-like


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For a second there I thought Iwas back in the 70s! Huge black rimmed specs, dodgy Dallas haircut, old school colour. But no! Its a damn iPhone, seems this geek is way too geeky for her own decade. At least she is hanging on to todays tech so she can upload naked pics of herself on to the internet – as all beautiful geeks should be doing.  Check her out with all the other naked sef-shot pics here.