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I love shy dorky girls! Those blushing cheeks and that nervous nerdy look is just needing to be shown a whole new world of pleasure. I cant say she will look any more confident afterwards, but it certainly will be fun! Get some more nerds in action here.

Talk Nerdy To Me


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I guess this must be the University of Life. Where chicks learn all they need to know for their future years and the safekeeping of mankind, or just being kind to men ;) Still it looks like she is learning well and already making people happy, check out more of her here.



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Or geeksha more like, still dont like we dont appreciate the effort. A naked woman covered in tasty nibbles is a fine thing, only you are wearing too much clothes and now smell lighty of fish…..  Still a few points for effort. Check out the free gallery this came from here.

Geek Band


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I see a girl band in the making! A load of geek girls playing their instruments topless! Who the hell wouldn’t buy all their videos and see every gig they did? Remember you saw it here first :) While you are waiting for the rest of the band to get undressed check out the gallery this came from.

Kacie James


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Kacie James


Kacie James strips off her schoolgirl outfit and plays with her pussy until she is wet and ready for her favorite sex toys! She is looking sexy as hell in those nerdy glasses and bunches!

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock


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Seems this dork hasn’t quite got the hang of it. Still, luckily for us the cute freckled nerd chooses to upload her pics to the internet so we can all laugh at her. Check out her dork friends here.

Geeky Gamer


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Taking a quick break from raiding this nerd needs to update the profile pic on her guilds website! I think this shot should do it and get her all the raid invites she wants! Want some more fucking hot nerds? Free pics here!



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The bookstore is a great place to hit on local nerds desperate for attention (and cock) but you just dont get a treat  like this every time you go there! Meet Alice, one seriously busty bookworm! Does she get more than her tits out? Oh yes!



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Nothing makes you more of a dork than still having bunches when you are 18 years old! Even naked you still mamage to look like a total geek! At least she has found the cure – sucking plenty of cock should do it!

Drunk Dorks


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drunk dorks


Time for these dorks to unleash their wild side. Just add booze and even the quietest of nerdy girls is trying to fuck her best friend! Lesbian nerd sex! Hell yeah! :D