More Naked Gamer Girl


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sexy naked gamer home pics

Found a few more pics of the naked gamer girl on this gallery so had to share her again :D   Anyone know who this is?  Think I need to share a lot more of her in the future!

Naked Gamer


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naked gamer

Next time you’re on vent talking to a gamer in your 40 paerson raid I bet you dont expect one of them to be sat there naked spreading her legs and enjoying the vibrate function on her control pad!  Time to think again when there are seriously hot gamer girls like this out there playing games naked. This has to be the ultimate girlfriend (except maybe Aglaia) and well worth some wow gold :D   Stop reading this and go check her pics NOW!

Glasses Geek Blowjob


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The Art of Blowjob

Camille has to be one of the favorite geeks out there! Here’s a girl who codes, has her own website and loves to suck cock!  What more could you possibly want? I think Im in love <3  Here’s a few words from Camille herself about her movie.

“Slowly and with expert skill, I started to lick his balls with his shaft buried in my throat. All of this special attention on him always makes him feel so good, so it was only natural that he began to thrust into me. Not wanting him to cum to quick, I started working his shaft with my hands while I licked and sucked on his balls. After changing sensations countless times, from stroking to teasing to deep throating and back again, I finally let him cum all over my hands, in my mouth and lapped up every little drop that remained. If you want a truly sensual blowjob, try lingerie.”  Check out all the movies on her website.

Total Dork


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naked dork

Sometimes I think I dont really need to say anything about these girls…..  Just one look at them and you know they were sat at the front of the class their whole life.  Read physics books for fun.  Sit up all night posting of science forums and yet still find the time to run their guild on Warcraft! I just wonder how they go from charity shop outfits to posing butt naked with a load of other geeks.  Just think all this pussy would be wasted if it wasnt posted here for you!

Home Alone Dork


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home alone dork

You only have to look at some of these girls to know its Saturday night and they are home alone.  While all the ‘cool kids’ are out partying there’s a whole host of fuckable dorks at home with nothing to do. Bored of facebook and to insecure to get a boyfriend there must be 1000s of cute little nerds just sat bored at home wishing for your cock! Just be glad daddy bought some of them cams for xmas so they can share all their horny lonely moments with you :D

Nerdy Girl with Braces


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nerdy girl with braces

Nothing quite so nerdy as still wearing your braces on you teeth.  Its the universal sign to say you still like to stay home and play My Little Pony. Still I just cant resist a nerdy girl who is more than willing to share her teen pussy and tight little asshole with the rest of the world. Check out all the pics of this sweet little blaxican girl here, she makes me want to hop across the border with my camera!

Phone Geek


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geek self shot pics

When will they learn that phone pics always end up on the net sooner or later.  Not that I mind now these pics of this cute blonde are all mine to share! So check out the pics here of this skinny nerd all dressed up like barbie. Thank goodness for technology and for boyfriends that post their exs pics :D

A Toy Geek


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geek with a dildo

I love adventurous geeks and when I found out that these stolen pics had been posted I had to share.  Check out the gallery of this blonde nerdy girl about the house showing off her puffy nips.  Anyone finds more of this girl I would love to know.

Busty Geek Girl


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Big titty geek in glases

What better way to start this geek loving blog than with a hot geek with massive boobs? :D   Ashtyn just got her tits pierced and shot some pics of them, guess its good news for us that they all ended up hosted here for us all to see!  Enjoy all the pics of this glasses wearing geek with mellons to die for.